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Stowe Mountain Resort:
“Dux the Balloon Man can do no wrong- This guy is the best balloon twister we have ever seen and is a hit with all of our resort guests. If you are looking for an engaged, energetic and fun-filled activity for kids, look no further than Dux!”

David Hattoff
(Events Coordinator )

 Your wedding,  and all your events,  should be perfect.  Balloons bring an elegance  to remember for a life time.
Basin Harbor Club:

Dux has been the heart of our kid related activities for the last 4 years
and running, if there are kids
his presence is required
to throw a party!!

Jen Wyman
(Events coordinator)


Church St, Market Place:

    For more then a decade Dux the Balloon Man has charmed the Marketplace's shoppers and diners with his quick wit and even quicker balloon-making skills. He's an engaging performer who is great with kids and adults.

Ron Redman
(Executive Director, Church St Market Place)

Dragons to sea anemones,
you want it, we make it
big, big, BIG.


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